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What happened to player ratings in Gin Rummy today?
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What happened to player ratings in Gin Rummy today?
Posted by Sergei1970 5 Oct 2017 5:54am

Hey, what happened to player ratings in Gin Rummy? Any major rating system adjustments? Have nearly 300 points removed overnight: down from 2241 to 1950 (that without playing any rated games and just a couple non-rated).

Ratings lowered for excessively selective play
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 5 Oct 2017 9:30am

We have found that ratings can receive an unreasonable boost if one plays and wins against those players who artificially boost their ratings.
Unreasonably high ratings were decreased across the board for all players.

When you win against someone who didn't cheat but benefited in a rated win against someone who did, you'd also receive an artificially unreasonable boost in rating.
At this time all unreasonable ratings for all players are reduced so that will become less of an issue. We apologize for inconvenience.

If you are a goal-oriented player, instead of boosting your numerical rating, you may consider Ladder competitions or $Ticket play.

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 10 Oct 2017 9:19pm

Wow, I've been here at GC for over a decade and have never seen this approach to ratings adjustment. I applaud GameColony for monitoring and adjusting ratings that are obviously unrealistic.

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 11 Oct 2017 2:00am

Agree with LadyAwe. Become a tix player and work your way up the ladder. Also start playing players that have any rating, not just one that will benefit yours.

Posted by Carterofmars (VIP) 30 Dec 2017 9:34am

Is that why some players who are sitting at a table, and waiting for a join, refuse to play you? They cite points as a reason not to play.

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