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Hit and runs
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Hit and runs
Posted by whuuut1 (VIP) 13 Sep 2017 11:46am

Its sad that still these days we have to deal with players that play one game and then run away for lower stakes. Whether you win or lose every time its the same thing. I get it if you lose might be a good chunk of your tickets and taking a shot at trying to make some but when you win to run is just bad sportsmanship. I played on this sight a lot in the past and quit playing here because of that. Logged back recently to find a good amount of tickets never did anything with and thought i would try it out again. Three days in a row has been the same player doing the same thing. I don't like to put people out there so I won't but I'm sure anyone who plays north of 50 tics knows who the player is

Posted by leebuck27 (VIP) 18 Sep 2017 9:06pm

You got that right.

Hit and Runs??
Posted by JohnnyWad2 (VIP) 4 Dec 2017 10:40pm

Since when is that bad sportsmanship??? Sounds like a sore loser to me... Is it in the rules??

Posted by Amateru (VIP) 6 Dec 2017 4:09pm

You are entitled to your own opinion, and can argue all you want with your own reasoning, but calling other people sore losers in a public forum is totally unnecessary! Flame bait?!

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