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A new "java" layout for cribbage
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It's now:   May 22, 7:37pm EST

A new 'java' layout for cribbage
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 6 Apr 2017 3:14pm

We have just introduced an extra "java" applet-like layout for cribbage that mimicks our former java lobby as closely as it made sense to do it - color scheme/tables/players selection/chat.
It would work on all web browsers but our recommended fast/secure web browser is: Google Chrome.

For all game lobbies, there's a new 'gear' control to switch between different themes (blue/green/white), layouts (classic/modern/applet) and fonts (big/small).

Once you select the desired settings and press Save button, the game Lobby will have a completely new look!

Posted by KymB (VIP) 8 Apr 2017 5:03am

really why!!! it was so much better when we were hometown 12 + years ago and we all had so much fun! not so much now...

new layout
Posted by Good_Player (VIP) 9 Apr 2017 8:29pm

I played a tourney on it but you could not see the cards played.....?

The layouts are just for lobby display, fonts and colors
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 10 Apr 2017 10:55am

The layouts are just for lobby display, fonts and colors.
'Show cards played' is the option for the cribbage table. If someone creates such table, neither opponent will see the played cards - which can be viewed as an extra skill requirement as it is more taxing for memory.

Posted by boardsailor (VIP) 16 Apr 2017 7:01pm

Got anything to work with the Mac Safari browser?

New Java look-alike layout will work in Safari
Posted by webmaster (moderator) 16 Apr 2017 8:20pm

New Java look-alike layout for cribbage will work in Safari.
There are 2 ways to make it happen:
(1) start our modified blue or green app and select a new settings/gear control - see link below:
How to customize the layouts/colors/fonts for game rooms

2) Uninstall Java (it is no longer fully recognized, anyway) and then, instead of old Java, the browser will offer you a new "Java " in quotes choice - Java look-alike layout.

Posted by KymB (VIP) 24 Apr 2017 12:56am

rEALLY whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

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