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Preferred tournaments
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Preferred tournaments
Posted by PhantomMenace (VIP) 13 May 2018 6:15pm

Nice to see and new TD. You asked for feedback so I will start.

My preferred tournament setting is 3 pts CR for $5. I would try to make these if time is right and I am available. I also will play:
-1 pt matches for 2 or 3$
-2 pt no double for $3-4 is ok and
-$5-6 for D/E tournaments for the settings above.

Posted by PRETTY_PATTI (TD) 14 May 2018 8:43pm

Thank you PhantomMenace for posting your preferences here in Backgammon Land. I really appreciate it. I would like it to become commonplace to see 3 pt matches available as well. While they take longer to accomplish, they speak to the hearts of a true player because they encompass it all - skills in both play and the use of the cube coupled with an unpredictable amount of luck. I am also considering a once a week 5 ptr tournament for a higher entry fee to generate a "purse of passion." Any more feedback out there? Let's hear it. Thanks!!

Posted by oldrockdadio (VIP) 3 Jun 2018 4:18pm

I agree w Phantom. 2.. 4 &..6 with a daily dime,..10tx. love the idea of a couple longer matches set for weekends? "Get serious at six" More tx at 6 pm? tks for bringing more tourneys.

3 players is not really a tournament unless it is a round robin
Posted by MagicGames (VIP) 4 Jun 2018 7:03pm

It is incomprehensible that someone can get TWO ladder points for one win and that should not be allowed. WTA is such an inequity as one win could get you nothing while in the same tournament one win can "Win a tournament". Total inequity that can only happen if you allow a 3 player tournament. IF a TD can't make a 4th, which I understand, then the tournament should be cancelled immediately instead of putting players on the spot of have to accept or disappoint the TD and the other two players. The luck of the bye does not warrant one win winning a tournament while the other player's win to get to the final counts for nothing. In no other tournament can one win win a tournament. Byes are essential with more players because draw charts work in groups of 4-8 and 16 equally but at least a person luckily getting a bye will have to win 2 or more matches to "earn" a tournament win. In case of only 3 players available, then a round robin event would still be short and allow all players to have a fair and equal chance at winning the 3 player event. A bye to the finals should never be allowed because of the inequity it creates. Person getting the lucky bye has to only win 50% of the games that the other two must win to win anything. This inequity should be avoided in money games and would be understood by everyone who understands equity.

Please adjust this to add a minimum requirement to winning a tournament. IF there needs to be a discussion I would be glad to be involved covering points in this regard.

Thank you for listening.

Winner take all
Posted by oldrockdadio (VIP) 6 Jun 2018 11:36am

Love more tournaments. WTA is a flip of the coin for equity.Hate WTA unless dbl elim but have played a dozen, to support T D's and other players that show up. Suggested "round robin" but TD said cannot change format when a tourn is set.Maybe should cancel and reset a round robin for the 3?

Posted by PRETTY_PATTI (TD) 6 Jun 2018 4:51pm

Thank you Magic for sharing your logic behind why you are inclined to not want to play a Winner-Take-All Tournament. That is exactly why we require a vote to continue with a three-player tourney. Everyone has their preferences and the TD team is here solely for the players as you well know. We harbor no ill will against a "no" vote ever, since it is always the player's individual decision. I would hope that rather than be irritated by the option to not include yourself you would be glad the option is available when it presents itself. As to your spin on the dynamics of tournament play, not everyone will be in agreement. That's again, why a vote is essential. The vote seems to me to be the most diplomatic way to proceed when it's just a matter of limited signups. It allows players to opt out yet still offers those who desire to participate. And as I know you are also aware, the computer randomly awards the byes as well as the pair-ups. Random is fair and it works. Many are just looking for entertainment and a winner-take-all does that for them.

Posted by Giants (TD) 6 Jun 2018 9:44pm

Thanks Pretty Patti for hosting more tournaments. That is very considerate of you for those of us who play backgammon on a regular, or even irregular schedule. I personally appreciate your attempt at building up the BG tourns and will support you as a player AND as a TD as much as possible. Thanks again for all you do.

Posted by jethrotulll (VIP) 6 Jun 2018 10:04pm

Appreciate the extra tournaments whether they are WTA or not. Not all WTA's go, but if they do, they are still better than NO tournament going. Not sure what Magic's problem is with WTA. Maybe just learn to say no?

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