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Preferred tournaments
Posted by PhantomMenace (VIP) 13 May 2018 6:15pm

Nice to see and new TD. You asked for feedback so I will start.

My preferred tournament setting is 3 pts CR for $5. I would try to make these if time is right and I am available. I also will play:
-1 pt matches for 2 or 3$
-2 pt no double for $3-4 is ok and
-$5-6 for D/E tournaments for the settings above.

Posted by PRETTY_PATTI (TD) 14 May 2018 8:43pm

Thank you PhantomMenace for posting your preferences here in Backgammon Land. I really appreciate it. I would like it to become commonplace to see 3 pt matches available as well. While they take longer to accomplish, they speak to the hearts of a true player because they encompass it all - skills in both play and the use of the cube coupled with an unpredictable amount of luck. I am also considering a once a week 5 ptr tournament for a higher entry fee to generate a "purse of passion." Any more feedback out there? Let's hear it. Thanks!!

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Play backgammon tournaments online

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