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Tournaments and Number 1
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Tournaments and Number 1
Posted by Club1 (VIP) 24 Nov 2015 3:11am

As DeDE says, the winner of a tournament gets tix and moves up a place but, of course, that does not/cannot happen to the No 1 player - and that is not a level playing field. When a player wins a tournament they are awarded the equivalent of 30 tix (as they move up one place) in addition to the prize tix - why not award the number 1 player the same 30 tix if they win a tournament. Not only is that fair it also gives them an incentive to join in the tournaments, which is lacking in the present system?

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 24 Nov 2015 2:11pm

I have always felt that the tournaments should award something additionally to the #1 ladder who maintains that status by winning a tournament. I spend a lot of time on this site in that very scenario. I have a dedication that isn't typical in that I will most always play a rank threatening tournament even if I am currently top dog. I also frequently sign up when no one has, so that a tournament will have an incentive to establish. I will admit that simply maintaining #1 ladder under highly competitive circumstances such as those mentioned is not very fulfilling. I would love for the WebMaster to comment here on the strategy they have enlisted. Since GC profits regardless, maybe an adjustment could be considered.

Posted by Club1 (VIP) 25 Nov 2015 4:00pm

I meant ladder points, not tix - so #1 wins and gets a bonus of 30 ladder points, the equivalent of moving up one place.

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 25 Nov 2015 7:43pm

Ladder points ... not tickets ... YES! Years ago I suggested that #1 ladder should receive 2 ladder points for winning/maintaining top rung during tournament play. They wouldn't consider that back then. However, I have to totally agree with your logic ... one rung = 30 accumulated ladder points. So that would be a very suitable reward (excepting each ladder point represents a 5+ ticket game and GC would not get their cut from giving them away). A compromise for that might be a more palatable 15 ladder points for maintaining #1 ladder during tournament play. Webmaster? You going to weigh in here for us on this?

An incentive to every #1 not just Lady Awe
Posted by Club1 (VIP) 26 Nov 2015 4:05am

I agree with you, Lady Awe, you are awesome how you always play in the tournaments when you are on top, but very few others do. If this was in place, the incentive would encourage any #1 to take part, then it is more likely more players will join the tournaments and GC would benefit that way. More action, more loot.

Posted by ZLough (VIP) 27 Nov 2015 6:32pm

The ladder system is flawed. If I play a 7point match for 100$ tix. I should get the same amount of ladder points as if I played 20games for 5$ tix. As far as tournaments the problem is that so few people play them and besides I can make more money just by playing a regular game.

Money is not the motivation
Posted by Club1 (VIP) 1 Dec 2015 6:46am

I sympathise with your view, ZL, but don't agree. If that was the case the biggest wallets would control the ladder, rather than skill and good fortune. Even at $5 as the minimum for a ladder point I get the feeling it is high stakes for most as this regarded as a fun venue rather than a way of making money. And so we should keep the downside to affordable levels as everyone wants a shot at the top.

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 1 Dec 2015 12:28pm

I have been pondering ZLough's take on the ladder but was having trouble articulating back a response. I adore yours though Club ... it was spot on! However, with that said, I have changed up my approach to play with the focus only on $$$ and have been pleased with the results so far. Still, it is too early to tell. I so DO like to sit on the ladder throne though .

Posted by ZLough (VIP) 8 Dec 2015 3:32pm

I understand what you're saying about the biggest wallets controlling the ladder. There are players that play for 85 Tickets a match yet have losing records. I started out with 75 Tickets and have made over 800$ in the last month or so. It has really slowed down for me now because the players I have beat will no longer play against me.

Posted by LADY_AWE (VIP) 10 Dec 2015 1:47pm

Z ... you have hit the wall. Been there, done that. The majority of the players in BG play for fun and many have no clue what the ladder is even about. I spent some time based on your input playing for larger stakes and had an apportioned win rate going. But I have little patience to wait around for someone to join me and then noticed it was the same handful of opponents. BORING! LOL So back to being a ladder-monger rather than a rating-monger. Either way all are still welcome to "njoy" a game with the Lady anytime.

#1 in tournaments
Posted by MidnightGhost (VIP) 21 Jun 2016 1:00pm

We all realize how long it takes to earn 30 ladder pts and that is a major consideration. When #1 plays in a ladder tournament my suggestion is a bonus of 5 ladder pts in addition to the 2 everyone else gets. That is an excellent incentive. 30 isn't even realistic considering the time it takes to play in a tournament versus how long it takes to earn 30 ladder pts. IF you were to award 30 for just playing that would guarantee #1 the number one position forever in that month which is not at all realistic. Even 5 ladder pts would be a huge advantage since #2 or #3 or #4 don't play in every tournament and #1 would amaze the total ladder pts very quickly.

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