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In addition to native iOS and android cribbage apps, offers web browser-based modern Cribbage HTML5 web apps & you can play cribbage using any new browser - either on a desktop like Windows or Mac, or on a mobile device e.g. iPhone or iPad or Android phone or tablet.

Play, chat for free or compete for $Prizes in a large online cribbage club for players all over the world
    Playing GC Cribbage on android phone
GC Cribbage on your phone is fast and convenient
Install GC Cribbage from Google Play:


Get GC Cribbage from Google Play

If you can't access Google Play on your Android, you can still download & install GC Cribbage.
You can install GC Cribbage on most Android phones and tablets - even on Amazon's Kindle Fire and Blackberry 10!

Note: you will have to enable a non-default setting "install apps from unknown sources" on your android device.

STEP 1  
STEP 2  Proceed to your browser's "downloads" list and select downloaded "GC Cribbage"

Play cribbage online on Android phones and tablets for FREE or for $prizes. Interact, chat with real people, watch other people play, improve your skills and your rating. Great looking, realistic cards - a pleasure to play with! Multiple game options.You can invite players or respond to invitations. Internet connection required. WIFI connection is not strictly necessary - will play well with 3G connection. Automatically reconnects if connection is lost.

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Using GC Cribbage on Android Phones and Android Tablets

Backgammon Live for Android Phones and Android Tablets

There's a great number of simplistic or mindless apps out there - your standard primitive shoot-em-ups / angry bird concoctions or games against robo-players. Good online multi-player games for mobile phones and tablets, however, are quite hard to find - they are not that easy to make and to make well. We hope that you find this multiplayer online cribbage app 'GC Cribbage' from enjoyable and fun!